What Can You Expect From Hiring a Bonding Agency in Winter Haven?

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Being able to get out of jail as soon as possible after an arrest is crucial. No one wants to remain stuck in jail while they awaiting trial. Thankfully, individuals often have the right to post bail unless their crime is severe or they are considered by the judge to be a flight risk. For those who cannot afford to put up a cash bail, there is help available from the Bonding Agency in Winter Haven. Getting help from a bondsman will allow the individual to be released in a timely manner.

What Should Individuals Know?

Before hiring a Bonding Agency in Winter Haven, there are a few things individuals should know. Taking the time to learn about their options and what is expected is crucial for making the right choices.

The individual who is signing the bond documents needs to realize the level of responsibility they have as the guarantor. The guarantor must be sure the defendant they are signing for will show up for any and all court dates. When a defendant does not show up for a court date, even accidentally, the judge will issue a bench warrant.

Not only will the signer then be held liable for paying the entire bail amount, but they could also be charged any fees the bonding agency acquires as a result of trying to bring the defendant in to stand trial. If the signer does not have confidence in the individual to show up for court appointments, it would be wise for them not to sign.

How to Get Started

Once the individual has chosen a bonding agency, they will need to meet with the agents to sign the paperwork and pay the fee. The fee is typically around ten percent of the entire bail amount, but this can vary. The fee will not be refunded even if the individual meets all court appointments.

If you are looking for Bail Bond Agents you can fully rely on, make sure you call the office right away to get started. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will act quickly to get the individual out of jail.

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