Dealing With Court Dates After A Bail Company In Crystal River Gets You Out Of Jail

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Being arrested and charged with a crime can add a lot of drama to person’s life. After a defendant is released from custody with the help of a Bail Company in Crystal River, they still have to remember to keep up with all of their assigned court dates. For a defendant with a job, that can easily become a problem.

Does The Employer Need To Know?

When a person is charged with a crime, they are considered innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, that might not matter much to an employer. Depending on what an individual is accused of doing, they might lose their job if their employer finds out about their arrest. That’s why a defendant might choose to keep their case secret from their employer.

Court Dates

A Bail Company in Crystal River helps a defendant get out of jail with the understanding that future court dates will be honored. If a defendant has to work in the morning and has court dates at the same time, problems can happen. How many times can an employee explain their absence to an employer? Even if the employer doesn’t find out about the case, the employee can still be fired for taking too much time off work.


One way that a defendant might be able to save their job is by having their lawyer explain to the court that they can’t make it for every single court proceeding. Some of the proceedings are just mere formalities. Naturally, every case is different, but having a lawyer advocate for a court’s understanding isn’t going to hurt a defendant. Judges understand that people have jobs.

Vacation Time

Since a defendant will know weeks in advance about court dates, they can sometimes arrange their work schedule around their court visits. By doing so, they might not have to take any time off work and won’t get in any trouble. Some defendants tell their employers that they have personal reasons for changing their schedules.

Keeping up with court dates isn’t always easy. But after a person has used one of the Trusted bail bonds services available 24/7 to get out of jail, they have an obligation to show up to court.

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