Reviewing Immigration Bonds with a Bail Agency in Cleburne TX

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Bail Bonds

In Texas, criminal defendants who aren’t legal citizens of the US must acquire an immigration bond if they are eligible for bail. A bonding agent can provide the bail bond to the defendant. A bail agency can help criminal defendants review the immigration bonds in Cleburne TX and what to expect after the defendants are released from jail.

How Do Immigration Bonds Differ from Other Bonds?

Immigration bonds are issued to individuals who are accused of a crime and are not legal citizens of the US. The bonds allow the individual to leave the county jail until their scheduled court appearance. In most cases, bonding agents who issue the bonds request that the defendant be released in their custody.

What Is the Risk Involved in Issuing Them?

Immigration bonds are considered a serious risk to some bonding agents. The reason why is that the defendant could leave the country and avoid criminal proceedings. There isn’t a guarantee that they will appear in court as directed.

What Stipulations Apply to the Defendant?

The stipulations that apply to the defendants are that they cannot violate the terms of their release. They cannot leave the state of Texas. In some jurisdictions, the defendant cannot leave the county where they were arrested. Any new crimes are applied separately, but the infractions allow officers to arrest the individual again, and the court revokes their bail bond.

Reviewing Deportation-Related Issues

The bail bond doesn’t provide any protection against deportation. If Immigration and Customs Enforcement become involved, then there is still a possibility that the defendant could face deportation. The bonding agent cannot assist immigrations facing criminal charges with these issues. The defendant needs an attorney to assist with any immigration law violations or the deportation process.

In Texas, criminal defendants who aren’t naturalized citizens have the option to get out of the county jail on an immigration bail bond. The option makes it more affordable for the defendant to get out of jail before their court appearance. However, the bonds are risky, and not all bonding agencies provide them. Criminal defendants need to speak to a bail agency like Freedom Bail Bonds for further details.

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