Can Drunk Driving Lawyers in Madison WI Help You Avoid a Conviction?

Drunk driving charges are incredibly serious. If convicted, the charges can stay on a person’s criminal record, impacting their ability to get a job in the future. If the person is accused of a felony DUI charge, the impact could be far more serious. A conviction could also mean the person loses their license, must pay hundreds of dollars in fines, and spend time in jail. To have a better chance at avoiding a conviction, the arrested person must speak with one of the drunk driving lawyers in Madison WI.

Proof Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

In a criminal court case, the prosecution needs to prove the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. With a DUI, this is typically done by showing their BAC was over the legal limit when they were driving. While this might seem easy enough to prove, there are ways to insert reasonable doubt to avoid a conviction. A lawyer is essential for those who want to try to avoid a conviction.

A reasonable doubt may come into play in a few scenarios. If the accused did take a breathalyzer test when requested by the arresting officers, their lawyer might be able to show the breathalyzer was not working properly, therefore inserting doubt that their client was actually over the legal limit. This is the most common way for a conviction to be avoided, though the arrested person’s lawyer can look into other defense techniques to use as well.

Gathering Evidence

The evidence is needed to be able to avoid a conviction. The lawyer might have their client restest immediately to show the breathalyzer wasn’t working properly or request the calibration and test records for the breathalyzer to show it was not calibrated properly and, therefore, might not have been working properly at the time. The accused person’s lawyer will understand what evidence is needed and how to obtain it.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a drunk driving charge, make sure you speak with one of the drunk driving lawyers in Madison WI right away. They’ll do as much as possible to help you avoid a conviction and, if that’s not possible, minimize the penalties you’re facing. Contact Gregory Wright Law Offices S.C. today to get the help you need.

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