Three Important Reasons to Hire an Injury Lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI

When someone considers hiring an injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI, how to pay for the services may be foremost in the individual’s mind. Fortunately, most accident attorneys receive a percentage of the settlement after it has been paid instead of charging retainer fees or hourly rates. This is known as a contingency fee because the lawyer only gets paid if the results are successful. That allows the injured person to have legal representation when finances may be very tight.

Relevant Statistics

The person may be wondering whether an injury lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI could actually convince the insurance company to pay a higher settlement than the individual could negotiate without hiring an attorney. In reality, insurance industry research indicates that claimants who hire professional legal representation generally receive more than three times as much as those who do not.

There are important factors that explain why having an attorney tends to result in a better outcome.

Three Reasons

First, the lawyer knows what the case should be worth, whereas the client probably does not. Lack of understanding can lead to an individual believing a low settlement is reasonable. The lawyer will not allow the client to compromise their rights.

Second, insurance companies know that an attorney may very well bring the case to court if necessary. The corporations do not want to risk having a jury make a decision, as that could result in a court award higher than what the plaintiff had even asked for.

Third, individuals usually do not know how to fight back against adjusters trying to undermine the case. They may give up, for instance, if an adjuster has discovered a pre-existing condition in the medical records and declares that the accident did not cause the current physical problems. Seeing a doctor for back pain in prior medical history is a common example.

A Free Consultation

For all these reasons, contacting an organization such as Bleakley Law Offices, P. C. for a free consultation is a smart move. A lawyer evaluates the case and discusses it with the prospective client, after which a person can make an informed decision about whether to hire legal help.