Should a Lawyer be Hired to Handle Bankruptcy in Hamilton OH?

by | Mar 17, 2016 | Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy in Hamilton OH is often seen as a person’s last chance to correct their finances and to get out of debt. If they have quite a few debts and have not been able to successfully repay them yet, a person might choose to file for bankruptcy to try to get their finances back in order. Once they have decided to file for bankruptcy, they’ll need to determine if they want to hire a bankruptcy lawyer or not.

A person might believe they can save money by not hiring a lawyer, but this actually could be incorrect. The person might initially save on legal fees, but they might not have the guidance they need to successfully complete the bankruptcy. This means they’ll still be in the same financial situation in the end, or worse, and they’ll need to try to reapply for the bankruptcy. Instead, they might want to consider exactly how much a lawyer can help and why hiring a lawyer is likely to be the right solution.

A lawyer is going to help them determine which chapter of bankruptcy to file under. This can make a significant difference and might help the entire process be more successful. The person might be eligible for more help based on their income or might need to take a look at all of their income to determine what chapter is going to apply in their situation. The lawyer can also look through all of their assets to determine what can be sold to help repay debts and what they can do to save some of their essential assets, like their home and primary vehicle. Working with a lawyer on the bankruptcy may even be able to help the person avoid a foreclosure or repossession.

Anyone who is considering Bankruptcy in Hamilton OH should think about the benefits of hiring a lawyer. Even though they may need to pay for the lawyer, there is quite a bit the lawyer can do to help ensure the bankruptcy is successful. This could end up making a significant difference in the outcome for the person. Contact Dean Snyder Attorney At Law for more information or to get advice on your bankruptcy today.

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