Reasons to Seek Legal Help After Car Accidents in Greenfield, MA

by | Mar 21, 2016 | Accident Lawyer

No one likes to be involved in an auto accident. For people who have never dealt with this type of situation before, knowing what to do once the police report is filed may be a mystery. With the help of a lawyer who understands what must be done after Car Accidents in Greenfield MA, it is possible to make sure nothing is left undone. Here are some of the things the lawyer will do on behalf of the client.

Determining the Amount of Damage

One of the first things attorneys will do after Car Accidents in Greenfield MA is to assess what sort of damage has taken place. Was anyone hurt as the result of the accident? If so, what kind of medical costs are they facing? Will there be a need for extended medical care, up to and including physical therapy? If so, those expenses will be taken into consideration.

There is also the matter of the damage to the vehicle. When it is the sole means of transportation at the disposal of the client, how quickly can repairs be made? If the insurance wants to total the car, will the money be enough to purchase a suitable replacement? The lawyer will look closely at this aspect before providing any advice to the client.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

Once the lawyer is handling the matter, the best move for the client is to cut off any direct contact with the insurance provider. All questions or correspondence should be redirected to the legal counsel. This approach ensures the adjusters for the insurance company will not be in a position to get the client to settle for anything less than an equitable settlement. Just the act of having a lawyer handling the matter is often enough to make providers more cooperative.

For anyone who has been involved in an auto accident recently, contact the team at Daniel and Fontaine LLC  today. Arrange for a consultation and be sure to take along any documentation or other evidence related to the accident. With the lawyer looking out for the interests of the client, the potential for obtaining a reasonable settlement is much higher. You can also follow them on Twitter  for regular updates.

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