Why Construction Projects Often Require Legal Guidance

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Legal Services

Construction sites and projects are magnets for lawsuits and disputes. From injury to unlawful practices, there is a lot that can legally go wrong when you’re taking on construction task. If your company is looking to build, it’s important to consult a construction litigation attorney beforehand, so you don’t run into trouble while you’re at it!

Common Disputes During the Construction Process

Because of the inherent danger of construction and the fact that many individuals and agencies may work together on a single project, disputes can arise easily and frequently. Some of the most common types of legal disputes faced by those involved in a construction project include:

  • Disputes over the specifications or scope of work originally provided and what has been realized. When a client or a team member is expecting things to happen in a certain order or a specific result to be achieved during a construction project, this failing to happen as promised or projected can cause tension – and sometimes litigation.
  • Changes to the promised or projected scope of work or unexpected additions to plans. Again, people who are involved in a construction project like to know what will be happening and be able to plan accordingly. When a client or a team member adds unexpected work or time to the plans, this can cause serious obstacles to either the budget or the timeline of the project – and anger from one or more parties involved.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Hire a Lawyer

If you’re worried about possible litigation during a construction job or are already facing a dispute, it’s a good time to reach out to a Jacksonville construction litigation attorney. It’s always best to have legal assistance in place before you need it, so don’t wait for trouble to arise. Get your counsel in place before a dispute arises and be fully prepared if it does. Remember, construction is a dangerous business – don’t get caught without the proper legal protection and preparation!

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