Injured Victims Need the Help of a Semi Truck Accident Attorney in Green Bay WI

When an accident occurs with a semi-truck, smaller vehicles always take the brunt of damage and deaths are more likely to occur. Injured victims need to be aware of the rights they hold for getting help from a Semi Truck Accident Attorney in Green Bay WI. Pursuing any legal matter without help from an attorney can prove fruitless and frustrating.

Why Hire an Attorney?

Many injured victims make the mistake of thinking they do not need to hire a Semi Truck Accident Attorney in Green Bay WI. They believe the insurance adjuster will be fair and they will be offered the settlement they deserve. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. The more serious the injuries, the greater the chances a lowball offer be given by the insurance company. Insurance companies rarely quibble over minor claims, but they will work hard to reduce the payouts on higher claims to save their company money.

An injured victim should never be forced to deal with an insurance company without legal help. The victim’s rights will not be properly protected unless they are being represented by an attorney who understands the complexities of seeking compensation for a semi-truck accident.

How Does an Attorney Help?

An attorney helps an injured person in many ways. They understand the law and use the law to protect their client and hold the insurance company accountable. In semi-truck accidents, there can sometimes be more than one defendant if the case is pursued in court. The injured party may be able to sue the driver, their employer, the truck manufacturer or parts manufacturer.

Working with an attorney will help an injured party to take the right steps to help them receive the fair outcome they deserve, whether they settle with the insurance company or in court. In the state of Wisconsin, the statute of limitations is three years from the date of the accident.

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