What You Need to Know About Child Support in Chicago

by | Oct 12, 2016 | Lawyers

What is child support?

Children have the legal right to receive financial support, also known as child support, from both parents, the State of Illinois says. These payments cover the cost of the child’s basic needs, from medical costs, clothing costs, shelter, food and education.

How is the amount determined?

To collect on child support in Chicago, one must first understand how the amount is set. The amount is typically fixed. It’s also based on given particular percentage of the supporting parent’s net income. Different states have different guidelines that govern how child support payments are set. In Illinois, one child must receive about 20 percent of the supporting parent’s net income, 28 percent is for 2 children, 32 percent is for 3, 40 percent for 4 and 45 percent for 5 children. For 6 or more children, supporting parents are mandated to set as much as 50 percent of their net income for child support.

How long does it last?

The child will continue to collect on child support in Chicago until he comes of age. If he’s a special needs child, though, then payments must continue. If your child assumes active-duty in the military, if your parental rights are terminated in the event of your child being adopted or if your child is declared emancipated by the law and thus is recognized as a self-supporting individual much earlier than the norm—if these conditions apply, then the child support payments end.

What happens if you don’t send child support payments?

You could end up facing a ton of legal trouble and problems. If you don’t want to be liable to any legal action, make sure you make those payments. For questions and assistance regarding child support payments, seek out the help of a credible and experienced child support lawyer, Gordon & Perlut, LLC say.

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