Role of a Family Law Firm in Scranton, PA for Many Phases of Life

There is a common misunderstanding that the only time to engage a family lawyer is during a divorce. It is true that in today’s world divorces are incredibly common and a family law firm may specialize in divorce and termination of other romantic relationships as a result. However, family law includes a wide range of situations, circumstances, and legal issues that many people may never consider.

What Is Family Law?

There is a separate body of statutes, case law, and rules that govern the legal relationship between family members and other persons who share a domestic link or connection. In some instances, these rules and regulations are federally mandated, but the state laws of Pennsylvania are also influential and determinative. Therefore, family law covers the legal rights and responsibilities that are determined by these laws. These legal structures form the basis for family law and the work at this family law firm in Scranton, PA.

Cases Handled by a Family Law Firm

The depth of experience at John T. O’Malley, Attorney at Law expands to all types of family law situations. When it comes to romantic relationships these situations can be premarital agreements or arrangements. Some couples want to clarify premarital property or division of assets prior to a wedding in a prenuptial agreement or other document. If there is a separation or divorce, a family law firm can handle everything from legally terminating the marriage to alimony payments and division of assets.

Romantic relationships can also be contemptuous along the way. A family law firm will have the most adept lawyers for handling cases of spousal abuse or domestic violence. Family lawyers can obtain restraining orders and other types of legal protection for victims of domestic violence.
Finally, there are non-romantic relationships that are covered under family law provisions. These include relationships between a child and a parent. Parents have certain rights regarding custody of their children and also certain financial obligations to provide for their children. Family lawyers handle both custody disputes and child support arrangements.