Avoid These 3 Mistakes by Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Westmoreland County, PA

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Personal Injury Attorney

Initially, a victim may assume that the at-fault party’s insurer will pay to have their injuries and damaged property restored to the same condition as before the accident, but this is often not the case. Insurers are in the business to be profitable, and they maximize profits by minimizing payouts. An experienced injury attorney can help clients navigate the legal system while preventing the insurance company from manipulating the facts to achieve a low settlement figure. In the article below is a list of the top three mistakes made by personal injury claimants.

Failure to Seek Prompt Medical Treatment

When an insurance company accepts liability for a policyholder’s actions, they attempt to minimize the claim’s value by showing that the victim’s injuries are not as severe as claimed. Insurance adjusters analyze the victim’s actions after the event, and they determine severity by the nature of medical treatment sought. When a client delays treatment or does not attend follow-up appointments, it may appear as though they are not hurt. A client should see a physician if they feel any discomfort or pain after an accident. It is important to the person’s health and to their personal injury claim to seek medical care and to visit Davant & Associates to hire a personal injury attorney in Westmoreland County, PA.

Failure to Call Authorities and Document Evidence

While this step may be obvious to some, capturing the accident’s details and notifying the proper authorities is essential. In many areas, the law requires police notification if there is more than a certain amount of property damage or bodily injury. Witness identification is a crucial part of documenting the event, especially when the details are in dispute. While professionals conduct on-scene investigations, it is beneficial to the claim to self-document as much of the evidence as possible.

Signing a Release

Releases and recorded statements are hazardous for those who have not dealt with insurers before. Adjusters use statements in depositions, negotiations and trials to create doubt, with the goal of lowering the award value or settlement amount. However, a client can decline to sign documents or make statements for the other party’s insurer. Before doing so, it is advisable to talk to a personal injury attorney in Westmoreland County, PA.

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