What Must Be Proven to be Compensated for a Personal Injury in Angola, Indiana?

A personal injury can result from a defective product or the negligence or direct actions of a person. When a person is injured because of another, it is their legal right to pursue the defendant for their measurable damages. One of the biggest mistakes individuals make when pursuing a claim is believing the insurance company is working on their side and they do not need legal representation. It is important a victim hires a lawyer so they can better understand what must be proven when they pursue a claim for a Personal Injury in Angola Indiana.

These four areas must be proven to win a personal injury claim.

     *     The defendant had to owe the victim a duty of care.

     *     The duty must have been breached by the defendant.

     *     The breach of the duty had to have caused the injuries to the plaintiff.

     *     The plaintiff must have suffered measurable damages.

These four areas are primarily referred to as the elements of the case, and they are crucial for any personal injury claim. If an injured party cannot prove these four elements, their claim will not hold up in court, and they will likely be unable to obtain compensation for their injuries and damages. Many injured victims find it helpful to work with an attorney when pursuing a Personal Injury in Angola Indiana. An attorney can make sure all of the right evidence is presented, so the judge and jury are more likely to find in favor of the plaintiff.

Because many injury claims are settled outside of court, negotiations are critical. It is not wise for a person to attempt to go through the process alone or they could end up settling for far less than their injuries and damages merit. Being represented by an attorney allows a victim’s rights to be fully guarded through the process.

If you have been seriously injured because of someone else, you owe it to yourself to hire an attorney to help. For more information, Visit the website of Grimm & Grimm so you can get started on the process of pursuing fair compensation for your injury claim.