What Can You Expect When Working With a Prenuptial Agreement Law Attorney in Bethlehem PA?

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

When a couple decides to wed, they sometimes make the wise decision to draw up a prenuptial agreement, especially if they own property that was acquired outside of the relationship. This is often a delicate subject matter to deal with and should be handled carefully, to attempt to avoid upset by either partner in the relationship. Many people find it helpful to each hire their own attorney so they can make sure their rights and best interests are protected by the Prenuptial Agreement Law Attorney in Bethlehem PA.

It is always wise for a couple to sit down and decide what they want in their prenuptial agreement before they even attempt to meet with the Prenuptial Agreement Law Attorney in Bethlehem PA. No one wants to have to pay their attorney for drawing up an agreement and then decide they want it all changed, causing them to pay out more in attorney’s fees. Meeting together on this subject can also help to quell any arguments over the details before they even begin.

A prenuptial agreement first lists all of the property each party entering the marriage owns. This ensures they will be able to each retain their own property, should a separation or divorce occur. The agreement also lists all debts owed by each party, so the other does not become responsible for them. It is especially important parents seek a prenuptial agreement so they can be sure their children will be provided for, should they die while being married.

A prenuptial agreement can help a couple to avoid disputes, should they decide to end their marriage. This agreement spells out how they will split their property and what will be done about spousal support and any accrued debts. Although most people do not enter a marriage expecting it to end, half of all marriages do so it is prudent a person protects themselves before they say their vows.

If you are planning for your marriage, you need to make sure you protect your future by hiring a Prenuptial Agreement Law Attorney in Bethlehem PA. Contact Erik Conrad Attorney and ask his office to schedule your consultation appointment today.

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