Hire an Accident Attorney in Annapolis for a Fair Resolution

Every auto accident is different, and there are multiple factors to consider in every situation. However, there are considerations common to all cases. Here, readers can learn what to do in the event of an auto accident.

Seek Medical Treatment as Soon as Possible

This one may seem elementary, but many people wait weeks (or even months) after an accident to tell an attorney they haven’t sought medical treatment for their accident-related injuries. Generally, these people believe their injuries will heal without help, or they are concerned about medical bills. It is advisable to get checked out by a doctor right after an accident, and clients should consider that many soft-tissue injuries may appear over time. With proper medical documentation, an Accident Attorney in Annapolis can increase the chances of a successful claim.

Complete all Diagnostics and Recommended Treatment

It is quite common for people to jeopardize their auto accident claims by refusing to obey doctors’ orders. If a physician orders an MRI or chiropractic care, and those orders are not followed, it can seriously damage a claimant’s case. Failure to follow medical advice indicates to the insurer that the claimant’s injuries were not severe enough to warrant intensive treatment. Clients of the Jaklitsch Law Group should remember a claim’s value is based not on subjective factors but on what can be objectively proven.

Take Videos and Photos

Another good way to ensure that injuries are reasonably and fairly considered is to document them with videos and photos. These videos can be very compelling because they allow juries and insurance adjusters to understand what it is like to deal with the aftermath of a serious auto accident. While pictures are worth a thousand words, videos can be worth much more to an Accident Attorney in Annapolis.

Hire an Attorney Early On

This step is basic but very important. Clients should know that a personal injury attorney’s assistance can make the difference between a fair recovery and none at all. Many victims wait far too long to hire an Accident Attorney in Annapolis, which can seriously damage the claim. Consulting a lawyer right after an accident can ensure that the event is properly analyzed and the claim comes to a fair resolution.