The Financial Impact of Hiring a Social Security Attorney

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Legal Services

Social Security disability benefits can be helpful to people who have been disabled and are unable to work. However, the downside is that Social Security disability benefits are notoriously difficult to get, even if a person qualifies for them. For that reason, many people choose to enlist the services of a Social Security Attorney to help in these matters.

Some people choose the services of a Social Security lawyer in order to help with the disability filing process, which can be quite confusing. However, these attorneys typically offer their most important service when a person’s claim has been rejected.

However, outside of the rejected claims, one of the more nagging issues that people have with hiring a Social Security lawyer is being able to afford their services. The fact is that people who were relying on Social Security disability benefits may not be the type of people that are flush with cash.

Fortunately, not only do the attorneys that handle these cases understand that there are legal restrictions as to how much a Social Security Attorney can charge for their services. The maximum amount of money an attorney can be paid for their services is 25% of any retroactive benefits that a person is awarded, capping out at $6000.

Attorneys may be able to charge administration fees for their services. However, these attorneys understand that their clients may not have a great deal of disposable income and, in these cases, attorneys typically charge very reasonable administration fees.

The fact is that many people choose not to hire an attorney because they’re afraid that they can’t afford one. Outside of the maximum amount of money an attorney can be paid for their services, another good thing is that the consultations, as well as the start-up, cost to hire the attorney are very low. In many cases, consultations are free and, in addition to this, it may cost the client no money whatsoever to officially hire an attorney to represent them.

Social Security disability benefits may be crucial to a person providing for the needs of themselves and their family, especially after a life-altering accident, injury or illness.  You can also follow them on Twitter.

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