If You’ve Been Arrested or Indicted, Contact a Criminal Lawyer in Rockwall, TX

by | Feb 19, 2016 | Lawyers

Being arrested or indicted for a crime is serious. It takes the skill and knowledge of a criminal lawyer in Rockwall, TX, to obtain the best possible outcome for a case. Some people are eligible for a public defender, based on their income. Private attorneys obtain their reputation and living by offering outstanding legal representation. They’re not paid on a salary basis by the county that is prosecuting the case. A private lawyer offers affordable legal fees and payment plans. A DWI charge could result in the loss of someone’s driver’s license. It can also increase insurance rates and result in hefty fines to the courts. An attorney can help prevent the worst events occurring on a criminal charge.

A reputable criminal lawyer in Rockwall, TX, offers a free initial consultation. This allows people to obtain a fair and accurate assessment of their case. The Law Offices of Tim Hartley offer a low flat rate and don’t require any money down for a DWI case. Do you want to leave your future up to chance? He will make sure that all deadlines are met, and the proper hearings are requested to fight any type of license suspension. He will make sure the officer that made the arrest is thoroughly questioned to establish any defenses available. DWI charges are not the only criminal charges he offers representation in. Most criminal lawyers are also experienced in drug crimes, juvenile crimes, probation violations, white-collar crime, sexual abuse are other criminal areas.

Hiring a criminal lawyer in Rockwall, TX, should be taken very seriously when someone’s future is at stake. Criminal charges will remain on someone’s record forever. In limited situations, certain criminal charges can be expunged. Criminal charges can limit employment opportunities in the future and could affect someone’s security clearances when searching for a job or asking for a promotion. Conviction of criminal charges can last well beyond the finding of a guilty verdict in a court of law. Protect your future by hiring an experienced criminal attorney, as soon as possible, after criminal charges have been filed against you. For more information on an outstanding legal defense, please feel free to visit the website.

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