Reasons to Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer in McKinney, TX

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Attorneys

As soon as a driver is involved in a traffic accident, it makes sense to hire an auto accident lawyer in McKinney, TX. Many people are afraid to do this, especially if they themselves are to blame for the accident. However, legal experts say that both parties should immediately hire an attorney to help them through their case.

The best news first

If an individual is the victim of a traffic accident, they should immediately ask for legal counsel for several reasons. If a driver is not responsible for the accident, their liability insurance will pay the costs for hiring a traffic lawyer. The law regulates accidental injuries without complicity so that the injured party is taken care of.

With regards to hiring a lawyer, both parties need to have legal counsel present. Hiring an auto accident lawyer in McKinney, TX is a must because it allows the legal system to determine who was at fault according to the facts and the legalities involved.

The insurance company – a friend or foe?

The opposing insurance company may contact the injured driver soon after the accident, starting with a friendly letter or phone call. They may even tell the plaintiff that they will fix their car and there is nothing to worry about. Law professionals say that this supposed “kindness” should be ignored.

Insurance companies are optimized for profit. Therefore, third-party liability insurers would naturally want to spend as little money as possible on the regulation of a possible loss. The insurer’s insurance and their own liability insurance has the main goal of trying to reduce any financial damage that may arise.

Hire the attorney you want

If the insurance company says the driver is not allowed to hire any lawyer they want, that’s a simple lie. If the plaintiff does not bear any complicity in the accident, the other driver’s liability insurance must cover the costs for hiring a lawyer. And remember, it’s the driver the one who has the right to choose which lawyer should be hired, not the insurance company.

The more an insurance company tries to prevent a driver from hiring a lawyer, the more suspicious they should be. For more information, visit  today.

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