Solid Medical Evidence Is The Key To Winning Your Social Security Disability Claim

Once a Social Security lawyer has agreed to assist with your claim for disability benefits, he or she will begin gathering the medical evidence that will be needed to support your claim.

The most important evidence:

Although your Social Security lawyer in Missouri will get as much information as he or she can get from you, the most important evidence will be that which can be gathered from the doctors that have treated you to date. To assist in this task it is up to you to provide your lawyer with contact details, in this way your lawyer can request a written summation of your condition and an opinion of the long term prognosis and limitations that can be put down to your disability.

It is important that the evidence submitted to reinforce your claim is given maximum weight, to ensure this your lawyer will:

   * Get a detailed opinion from doctors that have been treating you since the onset of your disability
   * Get detailed opinions from specialists who focus on treating your specific condition

Will all medical records be submitted?

Not necessarily, as your Social Security lawyer in Missouri works in your case it is not rare for hundreds of pages of information to flow in, much of this information can be considered redundant as it will not apply to your disability. Your lawyer will cull this information, only providing that which is relevant to the authorities.

There are many thousands of applicants for disability benefits at any one time and a large number of them end up in front of an administrative law judge. As you can appreciate, the judge simply cannot use his or her valuable time sifting through hundreds of irrelevant documents. Your lawyer knows this and will ensure that rather than risk alienating the ALJ, only relevant documents will be provided.

A seasoned Social Security lawyer in Missouri will have helped many clients get the benefits they rightly deserve. If you are about to claim Social Security disability benefits, you are invited to discuss your situation with the Grundy Disability Group, LLC or visit for more information.