Why Should You Choose a Boutique Law Firm?

When you or your loved ones are facing legal issues, finding the right attorney or law firm to help you is essential. It might seem practical to work with a large law firm to ensure the best results, but the opposite may be more beneficial.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider a boutique commercial law firm in Singapore over a larger firm:

More Personalized Service

When you work with a boutique law firm, you are working with a team of lawyers that is typically less than twenty people strong. This means that the team can really get to know the clients they represent. You are more likely to know the names and faces of everyone on the team who works on your case – and feel more comfortable throughout the process.

Better Focus on Niche Topics

Larger law firms generally offer defence of a wide range of offenses. While that might sound appealing when choosing representation, chances are that you only need one specialty from your lawyer.

When you work with a boutique commercial law firm in Singapore, you work with someone who specializes in a more niche aspect of the law. This gives them deeper knowledge and a more effective mastery of the law than a lawyer in a larger firm would likely have.

Surprisingly Affordable

When you hear the word “boutique”, you might assume the fees charged by smaller law firms are higher than those asked by larger firms. You might be surprised by just how contrary this is to the truth!

Fees associated with boutique law firms are generally similar to those charged by larger firms. With nearly identical rates in many cases, it is no wonder the much higher level of client satisfaction offered by smaller firms draws people in.

Looking for legal help? Consider working with a boutique law firm and see the difference in the level of service yourself!