Keeping Defendants Safe at Home While Awaiting Trial

by | Sep 6, 2016 | Legal Services

If a person has never been arrested, they probably don’t understand how a bail bond works, even though they’ve heard the term “out on bail” hundreds of times on television programs. This is an amount of money a person pays a bail bondsman to give to the court to keep them out of jail, and get them home while awaiting their trial. If they run off or “skip bail” as it’s known, the money will have to be paid by the person who guaranteed payment to the company issuing the bail bond. The amounts vary depending on the extent of a crime.

If a person is in a predicament where a family is trying to come up with money for a family member’s bail, they need to Contact Free At Last Bail Bonds. This company will explain the ins and outs of how they work, and what is expected of the person who’s been arrested. No one wants to spend one night in a jail cell with hardened criminals. It’s very important to come up with the money and go home where it’s safe.

Companies that handle Jail Bond in Dekalb County try to make it as easy as they can for the person needing a bail bond. They understand that most people just don’t have the money to post their bail, and they’ll need a relative or friend to co-sign. This can be stressful for the relative or friend that may have used their house and car as collateral when they co-signed and guaranteed repayment in case the defendant runs away.

The most important thing about posting Jail Bond in Dekalb County is that the defendant will be released from jail, usually within eight hours. This is going to be a very confusing and scary time, especially if this is the first time a person has been arrested. The only thing most people will have on their mind is finding a way to stay out of jail. A good bail bond company can work with anyone in any state by simply using their fax machine to relay signatures and documents at a moment’s notice.

Most of the companies accept payments from major credit cards, cash, ATM/debit cards, checks, wire transfers and Western Union.

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