Injured Workers Benefit From Consulting Workers Compensation Attorneys in Southern Maryland

When workers are injured on the job in the state of Maryland, the employer is required to have worker’s compensation coverage to ensure the employee receives the benefits they deserve for injuries and lost wages. While the process is meant to be simple, it can often be complicated for workers who attempt to go through the process without any guidance from the workers compensation attorneys in Southern Maryland. Working with an attorney can help injured victims to protect their rights and secure their benefits.

In the state of Maryland, an injured worker must file a claim with the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Most employers keep the claim forms on file but the commission can also mail injured workers their paperwork so it can be filled out and filed. Worker’s compensation pays for medical bills and lost wages provided a worker misses over three days of work. Once the claim has been filed, the injured worker will receive a claim number and consideration date.

The consideration date is the deadline the employer and their insurance company have to approve or deny the claim. Unfortunately, many injured workers are denied unfairly, losing out on their benefits because they are not aware of the laws in place to protect their rights. If the claim is contested, a hearing will take place before the Commission, and this is when it is crucial a worker is represented by the workers compensation attorneys in Southern Maryland.

It is especially vital a worker hires an attorney if they have become permanently disabled and are not able to return to work. Weekly benefits can be paid indefinitely through the worker’s compensation insurance program, depending on the severity of the disability. This insurance pays for all medical care and physical therapy so a worker can receive the care they need.

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