Hiring a Disability Lawyer in Arizona and How It Helps Boost Your Claim

Social Security Disability claims are relentless. There’s nothing like them. You could apply, appeal, and re-appeal for years and never get a dime. This branch of the government rarely approves disability claims, and almost never approves claims on the first appeal. Since it is that difficult to get approved by yourself, you may want to consider hiring a Social Security Disability law firm in Phoenix, AZ. If you live in Arizona and you’ve tried to get disability benefits on your own with no success, the Social Security Disability law firm in Phoenix, AZ, can boost your claim in the following ways.

The Lawyers Can Push Your Claim up the Adjudication Ladder

You do not have the ability, knowledge, or access to the legal tools that can push your benefit claim through. SSA will not even blink twice when you file a claim yourself, but when you have a lawyer handling the claim, the government attempts to avoid a lawsuit. Lawsuits can drain on the department’s finances, something which they want to avoid. Ergo, the lawyer is able to motivate SSA to take a really good look at your claim and validate it for approval.

The Lawyers Can Collect More Information to Strengthen Your Claim

Most of the time, clients don’t even remember how many doctors or medications they have seen or taken. The lawyer you hire can track down every bit of this information to strengthen your claim. All you have to do is contact Slepian Smith Ellexson, PLLC. For more information about Social Security Disability law firm in Phoenix, AZ, visit their website today.