Helping Veterans Navigate the Veterans Administration System

Applying for benefits from the VA can be a long process. A veterans benefits lawyer in Texas might be able to help guide you through the maze of VA bureaucracy.

A veterans benefits lawyer in Texas can’t force the VA to decide on your claim faster. However, they can provide practical advice that will help you get access to more of the benefits that you are entitled to. There are a lot of benefits that veterans are entitled to that they may not even know existed.

Being represented by an attorney does give a veteran a leg up over those who try to go it on their own or over those who try to use free services. This is because a VA attorney understands the complex regulations and laws connected to getting VA benefits. They also stay up-to-date with changing laws. There is a reduced chance of an application being denied because of a clerical error or because of not understanding a recent change in the law.

Many people choose not to use an attorney when they are applying for VA benefits the first time. They use the services of organizations designed to help veterans go through the application process. However, if VA disability benefits are denied and a veteran wants to appeal, they may want to speak to an attorney.

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