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When someone has health problems that make them confined to bed or a wheelchair, they often remain in one position for long periods of time. This shouldn’t occur in a healthcare facility or other care setting. Patients are to get proper care that includes frequent positioning changes if they suffer from mobility issues. Learn where to find caring and top-notch legal help from an experienced NY bedsore attorney in Suffolk.

Not Turning an Immobile Patient Can Result in Bedsores & Neglect

There are recommended nursing measures including turning the patient every 2 hours to relieve pressure points on the body. A professional caregiver that doesn’t do these things risks being sued in court for neglect. Every community healthcare setting is required to provide standards of care that are set by the state nursing practice requirements. Not turning an immobile patient can result in horrible and painful bedsores that could be proof of abuse and/or neglect.

Older Individuals & Those with Compromised Health Conditions Are Prone to Bed Sores

As humans age, the skin becomes dryer as the natural moisture content begins to lessen. Often seniors who have serious health and mobility challenges will present with frail and thin skin that is easily bruised and torn with just the slightest pressure. A turning schedule should be instituted for these vulnerable patients by the nursing staff. These patients are also more prone to developing serious bedsores.

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