Domestic Violence Charges and 24 Hour Bail Bondsmen Service in Stamford CT

When an episode of domestic violence occurs, the police may arrest the perpetrator, after which the person may have to stay in jail until someone posts bail or a surety bond through an agency. A 24 hour bail bondsmen service in Stamford CT can provide the bond for a fee that is a percentage of the bail amount. The person may expect the spouse to arrange for this service, but will that happen?

Dropping the Charges?

A surprising number of spouses do bail out the person who was arrested during a domestic violence incident. However, that doesn’t mean the offender is off the hook for the charges. People may get the idea from TV dramas that they have the right to drop charges, but only the district attorney can do this. The prosecutor might give up on the case if it’s clear the spouse will not cooperate.

Some Reasons Spouses Arrange for Release

Representatives of a 24 Hour Bail Bondsmen Service in Stamford CT are probably familiar with this type of scenario. For instance, the incident may have been a one-time occurrence with extenuating circumstances. There may have been shouting matches in the past, but this might have been the first time it escalated to a physical assault. This may have been the first time neighbors called to report a domestic fight that sounded out of control.

No matter what, after emotions have cooled down, the spouse who is not in jail feels compelled or obligated to do something to secure the defendant’s release from jail. The amount of bail, as set by a judge, is likely to be related to the specifics of the episode. For example, if the defendant caused a physical injury, assault charges may have been filed. Bail may be set quite high for that offense.

Getting Help

Many people who become defendants in these cases are truly sorry and ready to make amends. They want to attend anger management classes and join a support group. Getting started on this quickly might only be done with the assistance of an organization like Aces Bail Bonds. Click here for information on this particular service.