Common Questions About Posting Bail Answered By A Bail Bond Agent In Midwest City, Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, defendants who are arrested and held in a county lockup need assistance posting bail. Their options consist of paying the entire bail value or securing a bail bond. The following are common questions about posting bail answered by a bail bond agent in Midwest City Oklahoma.

What Should Representatives Know Before Approaching a Bondsman?

They need the inmate’s full name, social security number, and case number. They need to acquire information, about what jail the inmate is in and the bail value set by the judge. They can approach the bonding agent with this information and provide the calculated value needed to secure the bond.

What is Required to Secure the Bail Bond?

The bonding agent defines the value required for the bail bond. This value is based on at least ten percent of the total bail value. The representative can provide this value in cash or by providing collateral. The collateral can be real estate deeds, auto titles, the balance of a checking or savings account, or appraised jewelry.

Do Representatives Get Refunds?

The only instance in which the representative gets any form of a refund is if the defendant is arrested again. The bail bond is revoked if the defendant accumulates an additional charge and is taken back into custody. The charge can be related to a new infraction and separate from the existing case.

Under What Circumstances Can Defendants Leave the State?

The defendant can leave the state if they obtain legal permission from the court or the judge specifically. The most common reasons defendants can leave the state are a death in the family, a family member in critical condition, or if another law enforcement agency takes them into custody. If the defendant leaves the state without permission, they face additional criminal charges.

In Oklahoma, criminal defendants must pay bail to be released from the county jail. If they cannot make arrangements themselves, they need a representative to help them. Their representative can secure a bail bond on their behalf. Defendants who need a Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City Oklahoma should learn more about Ken Boyer Bail Bonds today.