Child Support Attorneys In Mesa AZ Can Fight For The Money A Child Deserves

When couples get divorced, child support often turns into a large argument between the two parents. The parent that has to pay child support feels as though they are being robbed of their money by their future ex-spouse. They may not understand that child support if ordered to assist in paying the child’s basic needs. The child’s quality of life should not be slighted just because two parents no longer together. Obtaining the necessary child support a child needs and deserves can become troublesome for the custodial parent. Child Support Attorneys in Mesa AZ understand the dynamics of child support and the laws that apply to each and every case.

Child support is not calculated off of a 50-50 percentage. Child support is calculated off of the earnings and any other income an individual receives including alimony or spousal support payments. The amount of time each parent has with the child is also taken into consideration. If one parent is covering the child’s medical coverage through payroll deductions, an adjustment to their child support will be taken into consideration. Income guidelines are based on the gross income of the parents and not off the net. If there is child support received for another child in the family, it will be included in the over income calculations.

If a child requires special or additional medical attention or dental care, consideration will be given to those added expenses. Over time, child support guidelines can change or modifications may be needed. Child Support Attorneys in Mesa AZ can assist with filing for a modification and presenting the changes in circumstances to the court. If the paying parent does not pay their child support, an attorney can help with filing the necessary contempt of court papers for a collection of the child support.

If a parent is unable to work and support the child, a special hearing will be required to hear the evidence of the case. Obtaining, maintaining and modify child support can be confusing and is why an attorney should be contacted. For more information on an attorney that can represent you in a child support case, please feel free to Click here.