A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Davie FL Works to Figure Out How a Bone Fracture Actually Occurred

If an elderly relative has suffered a fractured bone while living in a skilled nursing facility, family members may worry that abuse is taking place there. How can they find out? One way a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Davie FL begins this consideration is learning more precise details about the fracture and the incident that caused it.

Falling is relatively common among elderly people, especially those who have a certain level of disability. Nevertheless, these individuals should be safer when living in a nursing care center, and it’s no wonder that family members would feel suspicious when told that their loved one fell down and broke a bone.

Fractures happen in other types of incidents as well. A person with significant osteoporosis is at risk of breaking a hip bone simply by making a quick turn of the hips. This is known as a spontaneous fracture. These fractures also are relatively common in the spine in people with osteoporosis. Even if someone just slips while sitting down onto a hard chair, a spontaneous compression fracture can occur in a vertebral bone.

A Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Davie FL seeks to learn whether there was any evidence of abuse that could have caused the fracture. Medical records can be subpoenaed with the injured person’s written permission, or the permission of a guardian or individual who has power of attorney. The lawyer will look for any sign that the person fell because he or she was pushed or was tripped, or that the fracture may have occurred due to being struck by someone.

If the nursing home resident appears nervous or afraid around certain staff members, this is a red flag to the lawyer. In contrast, if the resident obviously feels comfortable and appears trusting of all the nurses, nursing assistants and other workers, the facility may indeed be a safe place.

These cases can be difficult to prove, and the plaintiff must prove that abuse did happen in order to receive financial compensation. Consulting an attorney with a firm such as the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff P.A. is a sound step in learning whether this is likely to be a good case.