The Miranda Warning and Arrests in Cambridge, MD

A person who has been arrested has rights that still need to be upheld. Many people are familiar with the Miranda warning as it’s read in many different TV shows and movies; however, it is important to understand what these really mean and how they affect arrests in Cambridge, MD. Below are the first two parts of the Miranda warning and what a person should understand if they’re under arrest.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

This means the person doesn’t have to say anything that could be used against them in court. Their name cannot be used against them, it’s simply a way to identify them, so they will need to give their name and identification to an officer who is arresting them. However, they do not have to answer questions about where they have been, what they were doing, whether they actually committed a crime or anything else that could be used against them. They have this right before and after they’re arrested and it’s usually a good idea to exercise it. Even something the person believes is an innocent statement might not be.

You Have the Right to Hire a Lawyer

A person does have the right to hire a lawyer if they are arrested and they have the right to have them present during any questioning. This is often a good idea as the lawyer can help them answer questions and determine which ones to avoid answering so they do not say anything that could be incriminating. If the person cannot afford one and meets certain eligibility requirements, they can have a lawyer appointed by the court. This lawyer is known as a public defender and can help them with their case, though most people find it’s a good idea to hire their own lawyer when possible.

After arrests in Cambridge, MD, a person will want to be very careful with what they say to anyone. They will need to be honest with their lawyer, but they will want to avoid speaking with the police, other inmates, family members or friends as anything they say can be used to secure a conviction. For more information on your rights during an arrest or to seek legal counsel today, visit Domain.