Are You Searching For A Family Law Attorney In Spokane WA?

If you’re searching for a Family Law Attorney Spokane WA, your emotions are probably running high. Family law usually involves matters that are close to a person’s heart and can be very emotional. Working with an experienced family law attorney will help to lessen the burden of these emotions through their sound legal advice. They will listen intently and help their client to resolve the legal issues. Family law can involve divorce, separation, child custody, child support and modification of family court orders. An attorney will represent someone’s interests so the best possible decisions and outcomes in the case are obtained.

When a marriage cannot be repaired, filing for divorce can be a confusing time without legal guidance. An individual must reside in Washington State on the day they file for divorce. Divorces that involve children and distribution of assets can become complicated or contested by one of the parties. The first step in a divorce is to visit a Family Law Attorney Spokane WA and file the petition for the dissolution of marriage. The petition is also known as a complaint. The complaint will be served upon the other individual and summons them to reply to the complaint. Usually within 20 to 60 days, a response will be submitted by the other person. At that time, the other person can file a counter-petition outlining their view on child support, custody or the property settlement.

Either spouse can obtain a temporary order for child custody or support, payment of the bills or other items. This type of temporary order is established to eliminate severe financial concerns such as losing a house due to non-payment or the children from the marriage not receiving the basic necessities they need. It’s always in the couple’s best interest to attempt to come to a mutual agreement. If they are unable to, the next step will be the need for a court hearing in front of a judge or court commissioner. Immediate concerns can be addressed by a show cause proceeding. This forces one spouse to show cause why they don’t agree with what the other spouse is requesting. A court can also order a spouse from harassing a spouse, removing children from the state or selling off or removing assets such as money from the bank.

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