Tips On Bad Weather Driving From an Accident Lawyer in Boston, MA

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The first time someone from out-of-town drives in Boston, they are shocked. Drivers in Boston know where they’re going and all of the shortcuts, they drive as fast as the traffic permits and have a take-no-prisoners attitude. There are always construction zones and detours, which never go over well. Add in snow, ice and huge potholes and it’s surprising that there aren’t more accidents.

Driving Tips for Bad Weather

It’s a given that Boston drivers will have to deal with a lot of bad weather. Stay safe with these tips:

* Don’t use the phone, eat, fiddle with the radio or do anything else that’s distracting.

* Keep both hands on the wheel and watch what’s happening around you.

* Keep the headlights on, especially if the windshield wipers are needed.

* Stay a little farther back from the car in front, as that driver may suddenly slam on the brakes.

* If weather conditions are bad, slow down.

* Car maintenance is essential. Are the antifreeze and windshield wiper fluids getting low? Check the battery, windshield wipers and tires, and clean the headlights.

* Every intersection is a hazard zone. Someone else might be running a red light when you have the green.

* Constant lane changes and zipping around traffic increase the risk of an accident.

* Practice winter driving skills in a vacant parking lot with an experienced driver.

* Keep the car gassed up in the winter.

Keep an Emergency Kit in the Car

If this emergency kit is always kept in the car, the day will come when it’s badly needed. Include these items:

* A bag of cat litter, sand or salt to provide traction when stuck

* A snow brush and ice scraper

* Emergency flares

* A flashlight and fresh batteries

* Gloves and a blanket

* Booster cables

* A first-aid kit

* Snack foods

* Matches and a candle

* A cup to use to melt snow in for water.

If Stranded

Stay inside and call for help. Don’t fall victim to carbon monoxide poisoning. Run the heater once in a while, but first check to make sure that the tailpipe isn’t blocked with snow.

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