A Social Security Attorney in Jefferson County, MO Will Fight For the Disability Benefits You Deserve

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Applying for Social Security Disability should probably be a simple, quick process, but it’s not. When a Social Security Attorney in Jefferson County MO talks to people whose applications had been denied, there are a few problems that show up again and again. Avoiding these errors can help prevent a rejection.

Receiving Unemployment While Applying for Social Security Disability

Officially, Social Security states that receiving unemployment is only one of many factors that are considered when reviewing a disability application. The problem with collecting unemployment is that it’s necessary to apply for work in order to keep receiving the benefit. The type of jobs that the applicant applied for will be considered when reviewing the application.

Incomplete Medical Information

Doctors are overworked and filling out disability paperwork takes time. A doctor with whom the applicant has a positive, long-standing relationship will probably be more willing to invest the time than someone seen once. Still, collect as much medical information as possible, with information on all ailments, not just the primary one. Be sure to include contact information for the treating doctors and healthcare facilities. All medical information should be comprehensive and detailed.

Describe the “Bad” Days

Detail what it’s like to perform daily activities on “bad” days, not what you were once able to do. Write about the impact of pain and the disability on all aspects of daily life.

Quitting Work

As of 2016, the maximum that anyone can earn while collecting disability is $1,130 per month. Anyone earning more than that won’t be considered for Social Security Disability. If an applicant is working part-time and making less than $1,130, Social Security would consider the type of job and the number of hours worked.

Some people believe that it’s necessary to be out of work for 12 months before applying for Social Security Disability, but that’s not true. The 12 months applies to the disability itself, which must have already existed for 12 months or is expected to last for at least 12 months.

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