The Claims Process Is Easier With a Personal Injury Attorney in De Pere WI

Facing a personal injury of any type can be stressful for a victim. When injuries arise, victims often are unaware of what they need to do so they can receive a fair outcome of compensation. Whether an insurance company is involved or a victim must file a lawsuit, it behooves them to seek legal counsel so they can be sure their rights are protected as they pursue compensation. Injured victims can greatly benefit from hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in De Pere WI.

When an injured victim meets with an attorney, there is typically no charge for the first appointment. This meeting allows the injured party and the attorney to discuss the details of the personal injury and how it occurred. It is imperative the attorney is able to confirm the victim has a viable claim, so they do not waste their time and resources pursuing a fruitless claim.

If the victim and attorney decide to work together on the claim, the client will sign a retainer agreement which stipulates the details of the contract relationship. The client will agree to the attorney’s fees which are generally on contingency. This means the attorney does not collect any fee payment unless the case is won for the client.

There are several steps involved in the process of pursuing compensation. If an insurance company is in charge of handling the claim, the attorney will negotiate with the company and work towards a fair outcome. Regrettably, insurance companies are not always fair in their approach and sometimes end up unfairly denying claims or offering low settlements. With an attorney, the odds of being treated fairly by the insurance company are dramatically increased.

While an outcome cannot be guaranteed by the Personal Injury Attorney in De Pere WI, the Insurance Research Council reports those who hire an attorney generally receive settlements that are 40% higher than those who attempt to go through the process alone.

If you are the victim of a personal injury, now is the time to seek legal help. Contact the Brabazon Law Office LLC and allow them to help you through your claim so you can receive a fair outcome.