A Bankruptcy Attorney in Hamilton, OH Tells Clients How They Can Get Relief

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Bankruptcy

A time may come in a person’s life where they get into too much debt. It may be embarrassing, but bankruptcy might be the only option to get out of the financial mess and start over. There are two common types of bankruptcy that individuals can qualify for: chapter 7 and chapter 13. The circumstances will determine which one is suitable for the person. There is a bankruptcy attorney in Hamilton, OH who helps clients find debt relief solutions. These are the ways in which clients can get this help with their debt problems.

Debt relief sometimes can only be found through the bankruptcy process. If the person can get a chapter 7 bankruptcy, those debts that qualify will be wiped out, giving the person a clean slate. The person will not have to pay anything back. There will be an immediate cease to the creditors trying to collect their money. There will be no worries about garnishment after the bankruptcy process is filed. However, chapter 7 can only be filed once every eight years. Still, this is the most desirable option for those who just want to start completely over.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is just another name for debt reorganization. This option allows the person to set up payments on debts over an extended period, usually five years. The advantage is that the payments are broken down, based on what the debtor can actually afford, and they get to keep all of their property. This will also give the debtor more time to pay debts that couldn’t be discharged in the bankruptcy process anyway, such as child support in arrears or taxes.

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