A Car Accident Law Attorney in Coeur D’Alene, ID Can Help With an Insurance Settlement

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Accident Lawyer

After filing an auto accident claim, the victim will work with an insurance adjuster who studies the policy, researches the incident and decides on a compensation amount. Although the adjuster’s job is to maximize profits by minimizing payouts, most adjusters are fair as long as the client is knowledgeable, respectful and ready to prove the claim’s value. Negotiations can be intimidating, but these tips can help accident victims simplify the process.

Give a Brief Overview

The conversation should start with an outline of the circumstances of the incident. The victim should provide details that support their assertion of the claim’s value, such as the police report. While the adjuster may already have all the information, providing it can help a victim portray themselves as an informed claimant.

Arrive at a Demand Amount

Next, the accident victim should advise the adjuster of the total damages they demand. The adjuster may end the talk by saying they’ll consider the demand, but this is a stalling tactic. A properly documented auto insurance claim has value, and when fault is not in dispute, it is in the insurer’s best interest to settle the case.

Don’t Lower the Settlement Offer Immediately

Clients should not lower the claim’s value or their settlement offer until they receive a counteroffer from the insurer. If the adjuster requests documentation to substantiate claim details, such as medical records or photos, the client and their car accident law attorney in Coeur D’Alene, ID should provide it.

Act in Good Faith

Behaving professionally and civilly during the negotiation process will expedite the claim and help get a settlement faster. The insurer may extend a low initial offer in efforts to save money, and this is standard practice. Clients should not react emotionally or be offended by a low offer, and they should remember not to take low offers personally.

If the client rises the demand gradually, the adjuster may increase their offer. When the offer is within an acceptable range, consider settling on an agreeable amount. Following that, the insurer sends a check and a release form for the victim to sign. Once the form is signed, the victim can make no further claims on the same incident. When they visit Deissnerlaw.com to hire a car accident law attorney in Coeur D’Alene, ID, a client can fairly value the accident claim and get an appropriate settlement amount.

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