3 Questions to Answer Before Calling a Truck Accident Lawyer in Harford County, MD

Insurers pay about half of all crash-related costs in the US. However, many policyholders do not know how to deal with the company after an accident to get the maximum claim amount. The easiest way to prepare is to consult an attorney who can deal with the insurer. If a victim has not yet spoken to a lawyer with Markeylawfirm.com, they should know the answers to the below questions before the search begins.

How Should a Victim Handle Collision Reporting?

The victim should call their insurance company as soon as possible after the accident, even before seeking medical treatment. The other motorist should call their own insurance company, but the victim should get their policy number and contact info in case the accident is not reported. Drivers should not allow another motorist to convince them not to report the accident because coverage could be denied.

Should the Victim Tell the Insurer Exactly What Happened?

If a person wants compensation for accident-related losses, they will have to explain the event to both drivers’ insurance companies. However, clients should be discerning about the statements they make, as they can be used to cast blame, limit coverage, or deny the claim. In the preliminary phone call, the victim should tell the insurer a brief version of events. Before making any further statements, the claimant should review their policy and speak to a truck accident lawyer in Harford County, MD.

Should a Victim Do Anything at the Accident Scene?

The motorist should call police after an accident so a written report can be made. Drivers should get contact information for any eyewitnesses, and they should take pictures and video of the scene if possible. Focus on roadside debris and vehicle damage, which can show how the crash happened. The claimant should provide the information to their insurer under a lawyer’s guidance. Here, an accident attorney can help a client if questions arise as to how the incident happened.

Insurers sometimes try to pressure claimants into signing a release and accepting an initial settlement offer. However, this is not ok. If a person signs a release, they cannot bring legal action later on even if their injuries are more serious than anticipated. A client should not sign anything until they know their rights and the extent of their injuries and they should have a truck accident lawyer in Harford County, MD look over any settlement offers received.

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