Reasons the Eyewitness Could Seal the Criminal Defense Case or Break it Wide Open with an Attorney in Rockwall TX

An eyewitness is often the most powerful piece of evidence a prosecution can have at their disposal. It is hard to deny a personal and seemingly accurate account from a real live human being. Prosecution salivates over a strong eyewitness. The criminal defense Attorney in Rockwall TX may find the eyewitness to be their biggest obstacle. But, if discovered to be a bad witness, the eyewitness could be the one thing that breaks the case. Aside from the factor of being a real human being, there are a few reasons why an eyewitness is such a powerful tool- and one worth fighting.

If the Eyewitness Goes to Court, They Are Probably Quite Reliable

There are ways a criminal defense Attorney in Rockwall TX will get an eyewitness removed as evidence. For example, an attorney can explore how reliable the eyewitness has been in the past. There may also be an ulterior motive for why an eyewitness is testifying at all. For example, did they witness the crime and not report on it initially? That is, in itself, a crime. Perhaps by testifying, they are receiving a plea. They may be minimizing their influence in the incident, as well.

If a criminal defense attorney can’t get an eyewitness removed, then they are probably pretty good and accurate. This is why it is so imperative to target the accuracy and history of an eyewitness.

Removal Speaks for Itself

All a criminal defense needs to show is reasonable doubt. There are few things as influential as removing a witness because of faults in their story. It’s a powerful statement. It essentially cements some amount of doubt, especially if there is no other eyewitness to the situation.

Thankfully, an eyewitness evidence is hard to get through. People are notoriously inaccurate. The claims from an eyewitness need to match actual evidence. They often do not. The use of a witness (or the removal) will alter the tide of a case alone. Witness removal is a dynamic claim, and the attorneys will turn over every stone to find fault in a statement. Visit the Website for the Law Offices of Tim Hartley for more on developing and working criminal defense.