Has the Time Come to Seek a Divorce in Newnan, GA?

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Lawyers

People don’t generally start their married lives with plans to get divorced. Even so, all sorts of things can change, and it may become best for the couple to part. When it seems as if continuing the marriage will do more harm than good, it’s time to talk to a lawyer about getting a divorce in Newnan, GA. Here are some of the reasons why ending the marriage may be the best thing.

There’s Someone Else in the Picture

One of the spouses has started a relationship with a third party. There is no intention of giving up that relationship. In fact, the spouse is adamant that there is no love left in the marriage and things would be better if it ended. Under these circumstances, staying in the marriage will be difficult at best. A better solution is to talk with a lawyer about obtaining a divorcee in Newnan, GA, work out the terms of a settlement and move on from the situation.

More Roommates Than Spouses

Over the years, the relationship between the spouses has changed. While they remain fond of one another, they are really two people sharing one home and nothing more. A platonic situation may work fine for some people, but others would find the situation less than satisfying. Choosing to obtain a divorce frees each party to find someone new and will make it easier to remain friends.

Nothing in Common Any Longer

Now that the kids are grown, the spouses no longer seem to have anything in common. As the years went by, the things that brought them together in the first place have fallen by the wayside. Counseling did not lead to rekindling the old flame, and it doesn’t seem as if anything will. Choosing to divorce would make it easier to remember the past fondly while making plans for a brand new life.

If the marriage isn’t working for any reason, now is a good time to visit Website Domain and learn more about bringing the union to an end. Based on the client’s circumstances, it may be possible to arrange the division of property with ease and be able to move on while remaining on good terms with the former spouse.

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