Why Workers Compensation Attorneys in Southern Maryland Are Important When a Case Is Disputed

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Attorneys

Most employers respond effectively to a worker who comes to the supervisor and reports an injury. However, sometimes the insurance company responsible for paying the benefits disputes the report for one reason or another. In some instances, workers compensation attorneys in Southern Maryland are necessary to sort out the problem and help the employee receive much-needed income while taking time off work to recover.

Activities to Avoid

Some clients make the situation more difficult for workers compensation attorneys in Southern Maryland. For instance, even if they are still recovering and should not return to work, they might be seen playing tennis or engaging in other physical activity that makes people question the injury. If word gets back to the employer, this can lead to an interruption in benefits payments. Even if a low-intensity game of doubles tennis would not aggravate the injury, it’s best to avoid such activity for now.

Tasks for the Lawyer

As part of the project of representing these clients, the lawyer communicates with the person’s work supervisor if answers to questions are needed or if the place of employment has requested an update. This attorney also communicates with claims representatives at the insurance company. The lawyer gathers medical records and makes sure a doctor verifies why the employee should not yet return to full-time work.

All the tasks necessary to resolve a dispute can be difficult for a person without legal experience in this area to accomplish effectively. In addition, that individual is still working on recovering from the incident at work and trying to focus efforts on that. Having professional legal representation is a better solution to this problem.

Pursuing Compensation After a Dispute

The workers compensation system is intended to protect both the employees and the organizations they work for. Payments to replace lost wages are supposed to be made as scheduled once the person is off work, and medical expenses are supposed to be covered as well. The employee should not hesitate to follow through on pursuing compensation if the claim is disputed for some reason. Contact Business Name at the earliest convenience.

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