Why Has My Disability Claim Been Denied?

Trying to gain approval for social security disability benefits can seem frustrating when your claim is denied for unexplained reasons. It might be a problem that requires the assistance of experts in disability law. You don’t have to give up and walk away from the financial assistance you and your family need. Take the time to speak with disability professionals before attempting to refile on your own.

Lack of the Right Supporting Information

Proper filing of a disability claim requires plenty of medical or psychological determination supportive documentation that outlines why you are unable to work. Lacking the right types and amounts can trigger a denial of your claim. We can take a look at your case and help build it stronger to obtain the social security in Kansas City you need to stay financially afloat.

Incorrectly Filling Out Paperwork

The paperwork can seem confusing if you have never filled it out before. Our experts can help determine if your paperwork was filled out incorrectly and help refile the right way. Injuries and disabilities can make the task of doing extensive and intricate social security disability application paperwork difficult. Getting one thing wrong can lead to a denial of benefits.

Get Legal Representation Before Refiling

Attempting to refile after a denial of social security disability is a set up for disappointment if you are unsure of why you were denied the first time. You need the knowledge and experience of disability law specialists that can make sure your refiling is done the right way to improve your odds of getting social security in Kansas City.

Get the legal advice and assistance you need at Grundy Disability Group to ensure your refiling is done timely and correctly. Visit our website here and find out more today!