Who Could Use Advice from an Injury Law Attorney in Coeur D’Alene, ID?

When some type of event leads to the injury of one or more people, the first priority is to seek medical treatment. The second priority is to consult with an injury law attorney in Coeur D’Alene, ID and determine what needs to happen next. Whatever role the individual plays in the event, it pays to seek legal counsel. Here are a couple of examples to keep in mind.

The Injured Party

While it would be nice if the entity or individual responsible for the injury stepped up and took care of medical bills and other relevant expenses, but that does not always happen. As soon as possible, the injured party should seek advice from an injury law attorney in Coeur D’Alene, ID, because once the case is in the hands of the attorney, it is possible to determine what sort of settlement is reasonable and seek that amount from the responsible party. Along with help in determining what constitutes a fair settlement, the attorney can take on the task of dealing directly with the insurance company and the legal counsel for the opposing party. This is important since it leaves the client more time to focus on recuperating.

The Accused Party

Being accused of causing an accident is not something that anyone looks forward to experiencing. When an allegation of this type should arise, it pays to secure legal representation as soon as possible. The attorney can review the evidence surrounding the events and determine what sort of defense would be in the best interests of the client. If there are witnesses to the accident, the attorney will want to talk with them and see what additional evidence they can provide. Depending on what insights the evidence provides, the attorney may recommend actions ranging from reaching a settlement to allowing the matter go before a court.

For those who find themselves involved in an injury case, it makes sense to retain legal counsel as quickly as possible. Call the team at Deissner Law today and schedule a consultation. Once the particulars of the case are reviewed, it will be easier to decide how to proceed. In the best case scenario, the matter can be resolved without any need to go through a lengthy trial.