Starting A Medical Malpractice Claim With An Attorney In Junction City, KS

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Lawyers

Kansas personal injury laws provide provisions that enable patients to seek damage based on poor quality health care. According to these laws, any medical error that leads to injury whether the results are immediate or arise later constitutes a medical malpractice. An Attorney In Junction City KS files a lawsuit against doctors that fail to provide a duty to the patient through high-quality health care.

Correcting the Medical Error

The correction of the medical error produces additional records of the injury. The record details how exactly the second doctor treated or repaired the condition. The type of medical error determines what steps are needed to correct it. For example, if the injury occurred due to a mistake during surgery, the patient needs an additional surgery. If they were misdiagnosed for a deadly disease, they need the proper medication for the condition they have really.

Cultivating Adequate Evidence for the Claim

The attorney works with the patient to cultivate adequate evidence for the claim. This begins with any medical records accessible through the original doctor or defendant. This process may begin before the doctor receives notification of an impending lawsuit. The patient may also need testimony from witnesses who saw the medical error occur.

Depositions for Medical Witnesses

A doctor that shares the same background as the defendant must testify on the patient’s behalf. They explain the proper steps for performing the surgery or diagnosing the condition. They identify how the medical error occurred and how it will affect the patient throughout their lives.

Why are Punitive Damages Assigned?

Punitive damages are assigned to punish the medical doctor for their actions. The medical error produced pain and suffering for the patient. The severity of their pain and suffering could increase the punitive damages assigned.

Kansas personal injury laws outline what actions a patient may take after a medical error. Under associated medical malpractice laws, the patient files a claim based on the type of medical error. The type of error identifies what evidence is needed to support their claim. Patients who suffered due to a medical malpractice should hire an Attorney Junction City KS through the Oleen Law Firm or click here for more information today.

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