What You Need to Know About Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

There are millions of people right now in this country who struggle with debt and struggle with their financial situations. Here at the Law Office of Charles Farrell Jr. we specialize in bankruptcy cases and have helped hundreds of individuals who have been in situations like yours. We helped them and we can help you too if you are considering filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Why People File for Bankruptcy

A bankruptcy is an appealing choice for those individuals who are in financial trouble because it can provide immediate debt relief and stop all the stressful and annoying calls from collectors. It can protect against garnishing of wages and other assets. It can also be used to clear off judgments and other debts and help people get out from under the crushing weight of debts that they cannot afford to pay off. There are several types of bankruptcy available, but Chapter 13 is a common option that will enable you to reorganize your debts.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

What makes Chapter 13 Bankruptcy unique is that it can be filed without liquidating assets and helps set up a plan for paying back as much of the debt as you can without risking losing your assets such as your home, car, or savings accounts. The terms of payment set up during a bankruptcy ruling will be lower, have less interest, and will be for a lesser total amount than what you were struggling to pay on your own before the bankruptcy was approved. This type of relief has helped many people get rid of their debt without losing everything that they own.

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