What To Expect After Metro Accidents In Waldorf

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Lawyers

In Maryland, the metro system provides local residents with reliable transportation. However, this method of public transportation must be maintained to prevent avoidable accidents. The Maryland Metro Transit Authority is responsible for all maintenance and testing of the system. It is initially their responsibility if passengers are injured. The following information highlights what victims can expect after Metro Accidents in Waldorf.

Complete Investigation of the Accident

The Metro Transit System and federal agencies conduct a full investigation of the accident. The findings of the investigation define the liable party. These investigations could show that the Metro Transit System failed to comply with safety standards and make themselves liable. They could also show were a mechanic failed to complete repairs according to standards. Any faulty equipment that was installed could also present a liability.

Assessment of All Victims Involved

All victims are assessed by a doctor at the nearest hospital. The doctors provide medical records for all victims starting with those with the most severe injuries. According to laws, the Metro Transit System must provide payment for medical care for all passengers riding these railway systems.

Identifying the Liable Party

Once the full assessment of the accident is completed and the cause is reported, the attorney can identify the liable party. This individual or company is listed as the defendant. All evidence outside of the medical records for the victims consists of showing how this defendant generated the circumstances needed to cause the accident.

Class-Action Lawsuits

When multiple victims are identified, attorneys may choose to file a class-action lawsuit against the defendant. Typically, these lawsuits are filed in groups. Severest cases and fatalities are addressed first. Each settlement secured during each trial is split according to the jury’s decisions. The victims may receive a lump sum payment or several payments based on a schedule.

In Maryland, the metro system offers public transportation for all local residents. These opportunities are regulated through the federal government and overseen by the Maryland Metro Transit Authority. Any accidents must be investigated to define non-compliance with regulations. Victims involved in Metro Accidents in Waldorf contact Jaklitsch Law Group for information today.

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