Be Prepared, Contact Criminal Defense Attorneys in Chandler, AZ for Help

Anyone facing criminal charges has a long road ahead of them. If criminal charges have been filed, the first thing one must do is contacting criminal defense attorneys in Chandler, AZ for help. Going to court unprepared could be a huge mistake. In many cases, the defendant will face a much harsher sentence if they decide to represent themselves. Typically, a judge will assume the defendant isn’t taking the case or the justice system seriously if they don’t have legal representation.

Depending on the charges, there may be several different viable defenses. To build a defense, the attorney is going to need all the facts in the case. Even a single detail could collapse the defense and end the case with the defendant spending time in jail and paying hefty fines. Also, those charges could interfere with future employment opportunities and affect personal relationships. There’s no reason criminal charges should ruin someone’s life.

With the help of criminal defense attorneys in Chandler, AZ, defendants will be able to follow one of three paths in their case. They can either plead guilty and ask for leniency in the case, which usually results in a shorter sentence but larger fines. They can fight the case and prove reasonable doubt in the case of the prosecution, typically resulting in a complete dismissal of the case. The last option is to accept a plea bargain. This option will result in charge of guilt, but for a lesser crime. All three options work well to help the defendant move on with their life, but none are easy.

If criminal charges have been filed, the defendant should contact the law firm of Janet R. Feeley LLC for help. Going to court alone is a huge mistake and will result in a harsh sentence. It’s crucial to have all the facts, and, unfortunately, most defendants aren’t even fully aware of their rights. Before heading to court alone, defendants can click here for more information and to schedule a consultation with a qualified attorney that can help them learn about their rights and how they can keep their life on track even after admitting guilt.