What to Expect After a Car Accident in Towson, MD

by | Jul 13, 2018 | Lawyers

After a car accident in Maryland, victims are required to take specific actions as soon as possible. These actions could assist them in the case they need to file a legal claim against the at-fault driver. Maryland is a fault state and doesn’t limit a victim’s ability to start a lawsuit. A local attorney helps victims after a car accident in Towson, MD.

When Law Enforcement Arrives

When an auto accident occurs, the drivers must contact law enforcement immediately. The law officers who arrive on the scene will assess the accident and determine its exact cause. All medical requirements are managed first, and the officers interview drivers as soon as possible. All findings during the assessment will appear on the accident report.

Obtaining an Accident Report

After the accident, an accident report is filed by law enforcement, as mentioned above. All parties are required to obtain a copy of the accident report and submit it to their insurer. The at-fault driver must file an insurance claim for all injuries and property damage. The claim should provide adequate coverage for the victims involved in the accident.

Evaluating All Losses

Accident victims must evaluate all their financial losses. The total financial or economic damages include the exact cost of all medical treatment needed for their accident injuries and all wages they lost as they recovered from their injuries. Any additional costs associated with the accident must be calculated as well. If additional costs are incurred and related to their injuries, the victim needs an accurate balance for the costs, too.

When to Start a Legal Claim

Accident victims can start a legal claim if they don’t receive any compensation from the at-fault driver. The lawsuit is utilized to collect compensation for which the victim is entitled. All documentation related to the accident is included in the legal claim.

In Maryland, car accident cases involve the collection of records related to accident injuries. The cases enable victims to collect when an insurance claim isn’t possible. The legal claim is filed after all information is collected, and the court makes the final decision. Victims who need help after a car accident in Towson, MD can visit  for more information now.

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