A Divorce Law Attorney Near Lee’s Summit, MO Can Help With Child Custody and Support

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Whether it’s a legal separation, a divorce, or a child custody battle, parents and spouses should learn about Missouri’s family laws. This guide covers several important family law topics. If a potential client has any questions, they can seek advice from an experienced Divorce Law Attorney Near Lee’s Summit MO.

Factors in Child Custody Disputes

If parents share child custody and go through a divorce, the next step is to file a custody petition with the court. When determining joint or sole custody, judges consider these factors:

  • The parents’ wishes and parenting plans
  • The children’s need for a relationship with both parents
  • The child’s relationship with their siblings and extended family
  • The child’s acclimation to his or her community, home, and school
  • All parties’ physical or mental health
  • The child’s wishes
  • Parents’ plans to move

Altering Child Support and Custody Orders

According to Missouri law, only judges can alter child support and custody orders. Even if parents agree out of court, the agreement isn’t considered legally binding until they file motions to modify custody and support. For the motion to succeed, parents must show a change in circumstances, and they must prove the new agreement is in the child’s best interests.

Father’s Rights

Missouri family law judges aren’t supposed to give preferential treatment to mothers or fathers when making decisions on child support, child custody, or divorce. This means that a father’s rights are the same as a mother’s rights, and Missouri’s fathers have the same capability as mothers to ask the court for child support and custody.

When seeking child support or custody, a father must show that an award would be in the child’s best interests and that support is crucial given the child’s and parents’ requirements and finances. If a Missouri father believes the family courts have treated him unfairly, an attorney can give information on legal options and strategies.

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