What Next When You Application For Disability Benefits Is Denied?

It is well known that Social Security are standing ready to support retires and those that are disabled, what is not known is the difficulty in getting benefits. Rarely does an applicant have a problem with retirement benefits, the details are available and the process is straight forward, unfortunately, the same cannot be said for disability benefits. At least two thirds of all Social Security disability applicants are denied, when this happens the solution to the problem often lies with a Social Security attorney in Tennessee.

Never give up:

Knowing that the majority of applications are denied should indicate to you that you should take full advantage of the appeals procedure that is available. Many applicants either give up and try to deal with their financial situation as best they can, other will start all over by making another application; both of these moves are wrong.

It is at this time that you really need the guidance and assistance of a seasoned Social Security attorney in Tennessee. These professionals know the appeals process and they know from experience where you probably went wrong and what has to be done to rectify the situation.

The appeal process:

The first step is straight forward, asking the Administration to reconsider their initial decision to deny benefits. It is worth a try but rarely does this result in approval.

Step two in the appeals process is where many applicants succeed. This is a face to face meeting between you, your attorney and an Administrative Law Judge. It is at this hearing that you can put forward additional supporting data, up to date medical reports and if necessary, you can introduce expert vocational witnesses to support your contention. About two thirds of all applicants that proceed to the hearing stage are successful in getting their disability benefits.

If your application for disability benefits is not approved, don’t give up; hire a Social Security attorney in Tennessee for help and guidance. You are welcome to discuss the specifics of your case with the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. Like us on our facebook page.