Compelling Reasons to Hire Personal Injury Lawyers in Joliet, IL

by | Oct 23, 2023 | Legal Services

The main reason to hire personal injury lawyers in Joliet, IL, is to make sure a reasonable amount of financial compensation is received. Getting a lawyer involved typically leads to a better settlement than trying to negotiate with insurance corporations directly. There are additional advantages to having professional legal representation after harm is caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness.

A Clearer View

Personal injury lawyers in Joliet, IL, can take a clearer view of the situation because they have extensive legal knowledge and aren’t experiencing the individual’s various problems. A seriously injured person may be experiencing ongoing pain and temporary disability, physical therapy appointments, and financial pressures.

Avoiding Low Settlements

Financial difficulties can lead to people accepting unreasonably low settlements. Temporary disability pays only around 40% to 70% of a recipient’s monthly income. That can easily create a hardship when the individual doesn’t have a substantial amount of money saved.

Another factor is that injured persons should not accept settlements until they have reached maximum medical improvement. Otherwise, they may not receive enough money to cover all of their expenses.

Preventing More Stress

Attempting to negotiate a settlement without legal representation can be very stressful. Injury lawyers take over all communications with the insurer so that the client can concentrate on healing. The person no longer receives phone calls from insurance company adjusters or letters rejecting settlement proposals.

The process can be very time-consuming for an individual. Lawyers have staff members to handle administrative details like doing research on similar cases and keeping documents organized.

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